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United States
Old anthro art: :iconv-e-r-a:
SORRY, I DO NOT do point commissions and rarely do requests or trades.

I'm a happy grimalkin living by the ocean with my fiance in our own home we work hard to keep & fill with nerdy collections, pets, good food and love. I've been living off my art since '99 and have loved anthro art since early childhood. I love beautiful monsters, kaiju, yokai and other mythological creatures, even creative mergings of animals/monsters/household appliances/etc with human characteristics and vice-versa.

:eye: Things I love: Art, monsters, cartoons, insects, bug-hunting, science, Yokai/mythology, eyeballs, tea, 80's MLP, spiders, Pee-Wee's Playhouse, sewing, baking, Halloween, Autumn, the woods, slime, kitschy 50's decor, The Trash Pack, Goosebumps, reptiles, cats, amphibians, traditional clowns, my Squish, 80's music, old Nickelodeon, The Gromble, contortion, Indian food, thigh-high socks, sleep-overs, circus music, lucid dreaming, dream interpretation, bright colors, imaginary friends, fairy kei, monster piles, building stuffed animal walls and blanket forts, b-movies/b-movie monsters, optimistic/happy people, hard workers, genuinely good people, peace and quiet, nature, storms/rain, tropical/sub-tropical climate, biking, jogging, parks, swimming, etc.

:eye: Things I don't love so much: tv, snow/cold, copycats, laziness, aggressive drivers, smelly houses, messiness, artists being treated like celebrities/expected to be perfect, politics, vindictive poopheads, religion, bitterness, craziness, other types of frightening/damaging people, American cheese, willful ignorance, waking up from an awesome dream.

The most special people to me
:heart: :iconbatteryoperated::iconsvarta-perlan: :heart:

:eye: Other realms I slither around: :eye:
:bulletgreen: FA :bulletpurple: Weasyl :bulletgreen: Tumblr :bulletpurple: Twitter :bulletgreen: InsectGeeks :bulletpurple: YouTube :bulletgreen:
  • Mood: Joy
In my 14 years as an artist, I have never made one single request for free money/donations, even when I desperately needed it, I found a way to earn it, whether by selling collectibles or old art, even prized possessions. I barely know what to do with myself when someone tips me, and hate the feeling of owing someone, even if I know it was a gift, I still feel guilty for not doing something extra for it. I'm not in any predicament, I don't need extra money, but I would like to shift what MAKES me money. Many people have said that they follow me mainly for my personal art and love what I create. I am hopeful that, one day, I will be able to finally have the time to dedicate to my personal projects such as the Langurhali Cook Book, a comic about all my sweets-related characters set in a Candy Shop, children's books (such as one I'm working on with my childhood imaginary friend, the book educating children as well as parents on the importance of imagination, and how imaginary friends aren't bad as long as the child tries to have other "real" friends as well, and another involving KittyMonster, who would teach kids the importance of creativity and making your own magic).

Donating would also mean some goodies for yourself, as again, I hate taking money for nothing and would do my best to make it entertaining & worth it. Please read the link and consider, thank you :heart: :eye: :eye: :heart:

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