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Bethany Van Scott
United States
Closet-dwelling sock-hoarding clowny cockroach monster~

Clowny/non-anthro art: :iconpenanggalan: Old anthro art: :iconv-e-r-a:
SORRY, I DO NOT do point commissions and rarely do requests or trades.

I'm a cranky old grimalkin living by the ocean with my fiance in our own home, filled with nerdy collections and a plethora of awesome pets I wouldn't be able to have if not for my awesome commissioners. I've been living off my art since '99 and have loved anthro art since early childhood. I love beautiful monsters, kaiju, yokai and other mythological creatures, even creative mergings of animals/monsters/household appliances/etc with human characteristics and vice-versa.

:eye: Things I love: Art, monsters, cartoons, insects, bug-hunting, science, Yokai/mythology, eyeballs, tea, 80's MLP, spiders, Pee-Wee's Playhouse, sewing, baking, Halloween, the woods, slime, kitschy 50's decor, The Trash Pack, Goosebumps, reptiles, cats, amphibians, clowns (traditional; not ICP), my Squish, 80's music, old Nickelodeon, The Gromble, contortion, Indian food, thigh-high socks, the female form, sleep-overs, circus music, lucid dreaming, dream interpretation, bright colors, imaginary friends, fairy kei, monster piles, building stuffed animal walls, etc.

:eye: Things I don't love so much: tv, copycats, laziness, artists being treated like celebrities, poor spelling/punctuation, willful ignorance, feeling left out, waking up from an awesome dream.

The most special people to me
:heart: :iconbatteryoperated::iconwingsofjudas::iconsvarta-perlan: :heart:

:eye: Other realms I slither around: :eye:
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  • Mood: Joy
I want to test everyone's interest/activity in a bigger project involving my species, the Langurhali! Comment here (WITH the info mentioned below) if you WILL finish your end of the trade by June 1st! Sign-ups close MAY 5th! I'll add you to the list, mix up the names and set pairs up to do art trades with each other. The theme will be BY THE WATER! In your comment, please INCLUDE a reference or two for your Langurhali (you may include more than one Langurhali, if you have them, as options! It's fun to be surprised!), and what kind of water they'd most likely be seen by... a river, ocean, pond, swamp, stream, waterfall, spring? They could be IN the water as well, if they are aquatic. They could be drinking from the water, looking at the water, fishing from it, etc.! There's a little bit of every kind of geographical zone found on Earth within Willora, so the possibilities are practically endless. Yes, this does mean including a background, hopefully that won't put anyone off!

I'll throw my name into the hat as well and share my details, just to give an example of how your comment should look -
Vera (swamp or beach [think Everglades]) -…
Conjuka (stream or pond) -…

I'm thinking of making a video showing names being pulled out of a hat, but I have an interesting idea for it x3 we'll see if it works lol

To view the list of participants or comment optionally on FA instead of here, go:…

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